Thursday, November 6, 2008

Roller Derby Report: Junction City Roller Dolls Season Finale

[Alt-Sports] Their 2008 season really only consisted of two expo bouts, but Ogden's new Junction City Roller Dolls flat-track roller derby league has established itself well for only being existence since June; we're still waiting to hear from Weber County's other derby league, the O-Town Derby Dames (formerly Davis Derby Dames).

Around 200 spectators showed up at Layton's Classic Skating last night to gnaw on cheap pizza and see the JCRD's theme bout, 28 Skates Later (Zombies vs. Military), refereed by volunteer Salt City Derby Girls officials on loan from the league down south. Impressive jamming by Killa Patra, Miss Take and Slayer Cake jacked the final score into the triple digits, ending with the Military defeating the Zombies 144-141 in a tight, seesawing battle in the second period.

The Junction City Derby Dolls say they'll be back in 2009 with a full season, maybe even taking on the more experienced Salt City Derby Girls. Isn't it about time for a taxpayer-funded roller derby stadium?

(Bill Frost)


  1. Thank you Salt Lake City Weekly for your coverage and Bill Frost for bringing up the taxpayer subsidized Derby Rink. They can fit it downtown near the "Walkway Bridge" so everybody can attend

  2. M!sTeR_sM@Ck_D@b! JCRD Jammer RefereeNovember 7, 2008 at 1:37 PM

    Thank you Salt Lake City Weekly for your coverage of our Bout! And many thanks to the Salt City Derby referees and support staff that helped us make a successful sporting event for our fans.


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