Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Find Out If Your Neighbor Contributed to Proposition 8

[Neighborhood Watch] The San Francisco Chronicle published a nice little interface that allows you to search the database of Proposition 8 donors (both for and against) by first/last name, state, city, zip code, etc.

Just in case you're wondering who the bigots in your neighborhood are. They'd like the whole thing to die down now that they've (temporarily) gotten gays and lesbians back under their heel. But why should we let it die down?

You can't hide from the truth!

(Brandon Burt)


  1. How come it shows Brandon Burt donated $100.00???

  2. Brandon Burt....

    The Salt Lake Weekly actually used to be a pretty well-thought-out publication. Ever since Ben was ousted, the publication has gone downhill...and quick. If I were the Salt Lake Weekly, I'd be embarressed to have Brandon's petty comments and shallow, pedantic rants in ink. What happened to real journalism which explored real debates, with real, informative and thought-provoking dialogue?

  3. You have your opinion and everyone else has thiers. You saying your thoughts are right are even more closed minded than the so called Bigots your are trying to flame. Get over yourself and do real journalism or get a new job. How am I suppose to be sympathetic to your cause when you write BS like this?

  4. Brandon,

    Let me get this straight (no pun intended). You’re encouraging people to find out what their neighbor’s political views to what, exactly? Intimidate them?

    I find it ironic that those who claim to be victims of hate will go to great lengths to intimidate those who oppose their views by spray painting the word “bigot” on people’s doors – as happened to a friend of mine in California.

    You ask others to be tolerant gay marriage but are unable to tolerate others who oppose your political and social views. Your implied intimidation of those who disagree with you smacks of the same tactics used by fascists to silence the opposition.

    Tolerance, it seems, is a one way street.

  5. I see true colors emerging... on this rainbow. So a citizen taking a stand on a moral issue as old as man itself is a boggot now? LMAO Good grief, I have never seen such a spoiled, panicked response to a voter issue. Twicee now! Obvioulsy gays do need court made protections, they can't handle the truth. Should we just give you a State to colonize? Give the rednecks a State? Drug addics and alcoholics a State? Child molesters a State? Give adulterers a State? So those of us with moral boundries can live in peace? Sad, but after this response to prop 8 I know i voted correctly. I now say let gays marry, let jackels abort their young and in a couple generations there will be none of you left and once again society can live by a moral compass and be directed be wise and safe social boundries.

  6. ugh, this is pretty creepy.

  7. Now I wish I hadn't looked at that web site. I can't believe my LDS neighbor. Things will never be the same... and I don't even feel the need to explain. They wouldn't understand :( I hope some day one of their leaders gets a revelation and regurgitates it back to them.

    Words have meaning. Signifiers are important. “Are you married?” “No, but..” Separate is NOT equal!!! Mormons don't buy it. They can't understand it?! They aren't real Americans.

    “Liberty and Justice for ALL?” Mormons don't buy that one either.

    Mormons do not respect the constitution of other states. Nor do they have faith and respect in its people. I think it's funny some voters (LDS?) thought they were getting ripped off and given an incorrect ballot because they couldn't vote FOR (California!) Prop 8. Shows a certain level of cluelessness.

    I wish we could have a nationwide vote... putting the citizenship rights of Mormons on the ballot. I bet Obama would do a helluva lot better than the Mormons. I wonder if you analyzed the beliefs and values of our immigrant population, if they'd prove to be more American than, say, most Mormons?

    I know I shouldn't lump all Mormons together. I'm grateful for those LDS Moms protesting Prop 8. Steve Young's wife is another great exception. I do have respect for Steve Young. It has to be hard for them.

    I'm sad. And I'm angry too.

  8. Religious bias has absolutely no place in politics. The fact that the LDS church rallied its members to empower legislation that infringes upon the civil liberties of people whom they won't even claim as their own is simply apprehensible, and they should be taken to task for it.
    The City Weekly has always been about exposing the issues other media are too afraid to touch. Bravo Brandon! Keep it coming.

  9. Jesse,

    Intolerance from the gay rights activists have no place in politics either.

  10. Don't forget your white sheet and hood when you go to harass your neighbors!

  11. Grow up-
    someone can't take from you what you never had;
    "right" to marry,

  12. So a "bigot" is anyone who disagrees with Brandon Burp?
    And the "bigots" in your neighborhood are to be identified and exposed?
    Seig Heil!
    Jackboots will be this fall's hot fashion accessory!

  13. "The City Weekly has always been about exposing the issues other media are too afraid to touch. "

    That's CW for you, wallowing in the doggie pooh.

  14. Reading through these comments confirms for me that the Enlightenment is truly over. So much for intellectual discourse.

    It's astonishing that anyone who is so ill-informed that he/she would compare those of us who believe in egalitarianism and civil rights to Nazis would feel entitled to post with such willful ignorance in a public forum. And, by the way, kudos to you for calling names anonymously--how courageous! That's the catch-all insult, isn't it? If my politics don't agree with yours, then I'm a Nazi? Clever.

    Better get out your history books and study up. Or if that's too much effort, how about you just hit the dictionary to understand what the word "bigot" means. Because this is a clear case of bigotry.

  15. What ever you say, Fräulein.

  16. Brandon - you know, turnabout's fair play. I could easily get hold of your residence address and publish it on the Web.

    I also recall that a number of your papers suddenly disappeared from racks in West Valley City a few months ago. Sure would be a shame if it were to happen again, Valley-wide this time.

    Yes, you Communist scum! Turnabout is indeed fair play!

  17. Note to CW Editor:

    Brandon Burt is creepy. Your paper serves a vital need; it would be a shame to see it tainted by association with someone like this. Arguing against Prop 8 is one thing, using the editorial power of a newspaper to threaten and intimidate people is something else.

  18. Come sit by me Brandon, I too am creeped out by the mormon phone tree that seems to be everywhere today.

  19. Poor Brandon.
    Hopes to be like Savage when he grows up
    but his hero has turned on Salt Lake.
    That has to sting.
    Maybe some Mormon-hating will make you feel better. Watch out for the hating, though. It is hard to control.

    ps- you can't hide from the truth.

  20. Brandon- this is so timely.

    The Mormons have gone too far!
    Get the addresses of those "bigots",
    throw on a Brown shirt,
    grab some rocks and a few of your best buds and go teach the "bigots" a lesson!

    Himmler would be so proud, after all,
    tonight is the anniversary of Kristallnacht.
    (google it, you ignorant little thug)

    Maybe if you handle it right Savage will love you again?

  21. I went thru the list of Utahn's for & against. I think it's sad so many companies donated thousands of dollars to support this cause while so many people are in trouble...wouldn't the food bank, cancer research anything be better use of their money. I know it's their money but you would think there is a better cause.

  22. Interesting.
    Homosexuals tout same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue.
    But the community that has the most firsthand knowledge of civil rights rejected that notion by almost three to one.
    Blacks aren't buying equating their struggle for equality with the right for rich self-centered spoiled yuppie white homosexuals to blow $50K on a "wedding".
    Go figure.


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