Friday, November 7, 2008

Peaceful Prop 8 Protest Tonight

The city approved a peaceful protest to take place tonight at Temple Square, 6 p.m. State Senator Scott McCoy and Represntative Jackie Biskupski will speak at the rally which will begin on the corner of South Temple and State Street. Attendees will then march around the Temple and the Church Office Bulding. Please dress warmly and show up early. You may want to carpool, take a bus or TRAX. I personally received six texts last night and several emails regarding the protest and encouraging everyone to spread the word. This could be huge. Remember, however, to arrive with a respectful attitude. Participants are NOT encouraged to incite violence, destroy property or even heckle passerby who might support Prop 8.

One organizer writes, "We need to show this nation the best side of us so that they can see that we are normal people and we deserve every right and recognition that they have. Please dont go overboard or be disrespectful in any way. Please pass this along to everyone you know so that we can have the best rally possible and so that this can be the BEGINNING of OUR civil rights movement.Let us sit on the sidelines and be complacent no more! But let us do this right!"

Also, it seems this movie couldn't have come out at a better time:

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. It's awesome someone else caught that movie and it wasn't just me. Interesting story, only 30 years ago.

  2. Remember!
    Act normal.
    It will be difficult but it is important-
    pretend to be normal.
    (it is just for one nite, after all)

  3. Act normal? These people are killers. Here s info on the mt meadows massacre:
    Professor Gene Sessions, a Mormon, historian and authority on the massacre has concluded:

    "... some 50 Mormons taking orders from local ecclesiastical leaders actually went out and tricked these 120 people out of their encampment with a white flag and then proceeded to murder them in cold blood with the exception of 17 small children. ...

    "It's an awful story, you can't put a smilie face on it. This was cold-blooded murder of innocent people. Occasionally someone will come up to me and say, 'Well don't you think they deserved it?' And, no I don't think they deserved it. I don't care how many of the stories you believe about whatever the immigrants did to get killed, nothing they did came anywhere close to justifying the murder of little children and the oldest child saved was six-years and 11 months old. Everyone older than that was murdered. In fact most of the murdered people were women and children. So there's no justification. Even if you wanted to make some justification for killing the men, it breaks down pretty fast. It's just- there's no justification for the murder of these people. ..."

    watch your ass

  4. Hey Junior, you're not paying attention!
    You're supposed to be playing nice and acting "normal".
    Ranting about MMM is not part of the plan.
    Get a clue.

    Oh, and wipe your ass.

  5. watch your ass around the mormons:
    "If any miserable scoundrels come here, cut their throats." Brigham Young 1
    "The Mountain Meadows Massacre stands without a parallel amongst the crimes that stain the pages of American history. It was a crime committed without cause or justification of any kind to relieve it of its fearful character... When nearly exhausted from fatigue and thirst, [the men of the caravan] were approached by white men, with a flag of truce, and induced to surrender their arms, under the most solemn promises of protection. They were then murdered in cold blood." William Bishop, Attorney to John D. Lee.

  6. Is that a Mormon comment or something as I dont understand it...wipe your ass? Do you have a problem with your ass cause I don't with mine.

  7. from the history books on what you refer to as mmm, moutain meadow massacre, mormons killling others, just like killing the spirit of gays now:
    Brigham Young led a church cover-up, saying that the Natives were responsible for the massacre. He wrote that pioneers had earlier caused the death of Natives by giving them poisoned meat, and by poisoning some of their wells.

  8. Your protest won't sway the Mormon Church at all. If you want them to STOP getting involved in anti-Gay politics, then I know how you can do that. You must EXPOSE their Curse of Cain cover-up!


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