Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Wash n' Wear iPod

[Indestructible Technology] So, my teenage stepson leaves his iPod Nano in his hoodie pocket and the damned thing goes through the washer & dryer (heavy wash/permanent press cycles). When it emerges there's a load of nasty looking condensation and the screen doesn't function. I'm thinking I'm going to be shelling out $150 for a new iPod. 

Lo and behold, a day later the Nano has dried out and the thing works perfectly! I've gotta give props to the crew at Apple for building a Nano to roll with the punches. Got a dirty iPod? Just throw it in with the laundry. (Ted Scheffler) 

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  1. I've washed my son's twice, and it's come through about good as new. I still maintain it's not MY job to check HIS pockets.


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