Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prop 8 Blowback and the Gay Voltron

[Proposition 8] Ah shit I can't believe I didn't see this coming! The LDS church gets the high five from their long time deep-fried southern baptist foes (and others) for helping defeat gay marriage in California, according to a trib story pointing out an online thank you petition signed by over 3000 Prop 8 supporters to LDS Prez' Monson.

All this time I figured the elders of the Zion command center were making a ginormous mistake extending so much uncharacteristic political squeeze into the politics of another state. I figured their getting up to their elbows into the politics of the Prop 8 debate with tens of millions in donations, phone banks and ward house warnings would blow up in their collective faces and ignite a gay revolution.

A revolution uniting disparate equality groups into a unified, well organized machine--with GLBT groups from across the country coming together like an enormous gay Voltron firing a wrathful rainbow upon the dark iniquities of social injustice with laser-like intensity.

Let there be light I say!

And what was there? Instead of unity we've seen the likes of Dan Savage asking to boycott Utah. We have Kroger brand anthrax sugar showing up at LDS temples and church building vandalism across the state and country.

But there is light too. The equality movement still has momentum of course and shouldn't be counted out yet. Especially with advocacy groups at home and elsewhere putting the pressure on for more sex orientation and identity equity on a number of fronts from housing to employment non-discrimination. The problem is that while this revolution is still coming together, the LDS position is not only as strong as before but is now starting to win over their long time evangelical foes. The Baptists, who would never invite the Mormons into their cool Christians club before, have now signed onto an online petition thanking the LDS church for its support on the issue.

It's beginning to look like this last election was a revolution. But with the Obama-phenomena magically blue-ifying states across the conservative south and west, perhaps a counter revolution by the religious right maybe in the works. What's that choking sensation I feel? Why it might just be the bible belt, slung over the Rockies and slowly being cinched up. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. Oh please,

    Whay are you? 12 years old or something? You make this out like some sort of stupid game. Grow up and realise you are talking about people here.

  2. The more Homosexuals attack LDS over Prop 8 the higher the regard Evangelicals will develop for Mormons. Dan Savage is doing more to help Romney 2012 than $30 million in paid ads. (ditto for Black Church goers, conservative Catholics, etc)
    Thanks Dan!

  3. Part of Romney's problem with Conservatives was his evolving positions on gay issues. By the time the angry rabid gays get done crediting Mormons with passage of the gay marriage ban in CA Romney will become the Cultural Rights hero. Hate always hurts the hater most.

  4. African-American voters know a Civil Rights issue when they see it and three-fourths saw than homosexual marriage was NOT.
    Boycott, anyone?

  5. If homosexuals hope to make this a Civil Rights issue they need to study up on the philosophy and practices of my fellow Atlantan MLKJr. Currently they are behaving like KKK thugs with Dan Savage playing the role of Bull Conner.


    Inquiry Set on Mormon Aid for California Marriage Vote

    Published: November 25, 2008
    SAN FRANCISCO — California officials will investigate accusations that the Mormon Church neglected to report a battery of nonmonetary contributions — including phone banks, a Web site and commercials — on behalf of a ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage.


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    Roman Porter, the executive director of the Fair Political Practices Commission, which oversees California campaign finance laws, signed off on the investigation after reviewing a sworn complaint filed on Nov. 13.

    The complaint, filed by Fred Karger, founder of the group Californians Against Hate, asserted that the church’s reported contributions — about $5,000, according to state election filings — vastly underestimated its actual efforts in passing Proposition 8, which amended the state’s Constitution to recognize only male-female marriage.

    Broadly speaking, California state law requires disclosure of any money spent or services provided to influence the outcome of an election.

    Mr. Porter said the announcement of the investigation was not “a determination on the validity of the claims or the culpability of the individuals,” but that the claims had been reviewed by a lawyer for the commission and its chief of enforcement and deemed worth pursuing.

    Kim Farah, a spokeswoman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued a statement Tuesday saying it had received the complaint and would cooperate with the investigation. Frank Schubert, campaign manager for the leading group behind Proposition 8, said the accusations were baseless and made by a “rogue group.”

    Responding to a plea from Mormon Church leaders to “become involved in this important cause,” members contributed millions of dollars and volunteered for countless hours on behalf of Proposition 8. The ballot measure passed with 52 percent of the vote, leading to protests and boycotts of supporters of the proposition, including some Mormon temples and businesses.

    Mr. Karger’s complaint paints a sweeping picture of the involvement by the church leadership, and raises questions about who paid for out-of-state phone banks and grass-roots rallies in California before the Nov. 4 vote.

    “Who paid for the buses, travel costs, meals and other expenses of all the Mormon participants?” the complaint reads. “No contributions were reported.”

    The complaint also touches on a five-state simulcast from church leaders to Mormon congregations, as well as a Web site, preservingmarriage.org, that featured a series of videos advocating passage of the ballot measure and is labeled “an official Web site” of the Mormon Church.

    Ms. Farah said the church had no comment on the particular accusations in the complaint.

    If found in violation of election laws, the church could face fines of up to $5,000 per violation, Mr. Porter said. Bigger fines could also be levied by a civil court.

    Mr. Karger said he respected the right of Mormons to vote in line with their religious beliefs, but added “if they’re going to play politics, then they need to play by the rules.”

    The California Supreme Court agreed last week to review the constitutionality of the measure, with a ruling expected next year.

  7. Thanks for posting, Bill! I can't believe the Mormons are shocked that there has been a backlash. And I hope like hell that the passion and counter-movement against the LDS church continues to gather steam. I, as a disenfranchised, outraged ex-Mormon, am doing my part to make sure anyone who will listen knows the despicable depths the church leaders and members sank to to push Prop 8.

  8. When CO tourism CRATERED in the 90's when they angered gays/lesbians and our allies...ALL the SAME religious groups pledged their undying love and support too. CO tourism LOST over 40 Million. Don't sit up too late waiting for the Christian Reich calvary to come riding to your rescue, they are BROKE. Daddy Dobson (the creepy old SOB who likes to shower with young sons to show them Daddies bigger tool)he spent about half a million on prop 8 and NOW IS LAYING OFF his faithful...er...suckers.

  9. poor poor Bill
    poor poor bitter ex-Mormons

    Wishful Thinking.

    Baseless complaints filed by unscrupulous poor losers are to be expected and will be dismissed shortly.

    But they serve a purpose- they are the only thing the defeated haters can cling to for the moment.
    (Count on the NYT to pump out see-thru thin propaganda to try to keep the discouraged Lefties pumped up)

    But the complaints are baseless and will be dismissed.
    Also, there isn't really a Santa.
    (Sorry to bust all your illusions at once)

  10. Wow... so the homosexuals say they are against hate, yet they hate Mormons and they hate traditional marriage, too. Any of them involved in the hate, vandalism, etc. are nothing but LOSERS!!!

  11. Just a note from somebody who actually lives in CA where this is all going on. To think that the Mormon church donated so much money to this is really disheatening. Also, I think they wanted to prop up their standing with other "Christians" who have ridden them off as whacks for a long time. I don't hate the LDS church, or any of its members for placing their votes. What I don't like are all the lies that were spread with this campaign. It was truly sickening. Everyone should be afforded equal rights, no matter who they love, where they go to CHURCH (MO church, remember getting ran out of town back when the church was in its infancy) what color their skin is, etc. I hope that the groups that fought hard for No on 8 will keep on fighting, but do it in a respectful manner and not lower themselves to destroying church's property, and also remember, there were other churches involved in this, not just the LDS church.

  12. At least all the idiot anonymous post are helping City Weekly's online traffic and ad sales

  13. I don't hate invidual LDS members, they are FAMILY. The LDS elders are the ones who made the attacks on gay's and lesbian's families in CA, and attempted to make US the one minority excluded from equal protection clause.
    ALL of Utah will face the BLOWBACK of a statewide boycott, and leading Yes on 8 businesses like Cinemark Theaters, Marriott Hotels, A-1 Storage, will face specific boycotts. Utah residents will be the ones who curb the LDS elders, not the LGBT community.
    Don't mistake the demonstrations of OUR initial anger tapering off, the ICE CLD BONE CHILLING detest of Utah is settling in for the winter. That won't get healed as the flare of anger might have been healed. I've seen this in other boycotts, we are MUCH worse enemies when we go silent. Then you should worry, that means we've SLAMMED the door on any communications, and this time we slammed the door from OUR SIDE.

  14. btw Utah residents if you think the online petition FLAT-BROKE Daddy Dobson, KKK linked Tony Perkins, and Concerned HAGS of America helps your State, it hurts you MORE, tearing off the scab and fanning the flames of queer anger....isn't a good idea...seriously NOT a good idea.

  15. oooooooooh noooooo!!!

    Not the "Queer silent treatment"!
    Please communicate!
    Please- just a letter-
    maybe some white powder in an envelope?
    for old times' sake?

  16. So if the 2% of the population that are homosexuals don't do any business with Utah will anyone notice?
    Was Utah a hot homo destination anyway?
    The locales likely to be most affected; Park City, Moab, SLC; are gentile outposts in the state so it seems a boycott truly is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  17. Gays/lesbians are 5% of the country in general and 9% of major cities where we prefer to migrate.

    btw. there are a helluva lot more Non Mormons than Mormons.
    It's OUR face and OUR nose, in contrast to your G*D DAMN noses you won't keep out of Other people's States, Other people's marriages, Other people's families, and Other people's lives.
    And we just told ya to BACK OFF B*TCHES!

  18. Got any bargain homes in PROVO? wait a minute, they are being foreclosed on by a 2000% increase.
    How's all your new construction?
    Still raping women more than ANY other state, Still NOT paying women as equals, hell you are on the BOTTOM of the heap for women's pay equity.
    Down some more anti depressants ya big whiney babies...you're gonna need em.

  19. LDS is one of the largest religions in California so I guess it's "our" state too and I guess they like us better than you, judging from voter results.
    That's gotta hurt, losing the BIG ONE on your homefield.

  20. That must be why people keep flooding from California to Utah.

    Except the homosexuals going to California to get married.
    That was a short ride, wasn't it.

  21. You'll find your LGBT kids will hit 18yo and say I'M OUTTA HERE, and they won't be coming back...your loss.
    They will prefer living in CA, and in NV, and in OR, and in WA.

    LDS has been on the WRONG side of EVERY Civil Rights, Sex Equality and Human Rights issue in the last 50 years...at least you're CONSISTANT.

  22. In CA,
    LDS members are 1%, non religious Californians out number Mormons 19 to 1.
    Catholics are 32%, Baptists are 7%, Christians are 11%....and they DON'T consider Mormons in THAT catagory....HA!
    and there are 2% Buddhists

  23. And yet the tiny 1% Mormons singlehandedly passed Prop 8!!!
    What inept boobs the Gays must be.
    No wonder they can't get over it.

  24. The 1% of Mormon Californians were in part the neighborhood canvassers, 9outsiders were bussed in too from UT, NV, and ID, but by themselves they didn't pass prop 8. The GLOBAL tithes your LDS elders have at their disposal from 13 million Mormons...that bought the TV ads, you donated 4 of every 5 dollars on prop 8. You can't brag one day after the election about your MASSIVE part of passing prop 8, then walk that back when your state is boycotted, cuz that'd make you sniveling cowardly HYPOCRITES.

  25. Whaaaaaa

    can someone find anti8 a pacifier or something to shut up the constant whining and crying??
    It's been three weeks now.
    Maybe we're a little colicky?

  26. So I guess when you gloat that Mormons are outnumbered 19 to 1 by nonreligious and make up only 1% of Californians (even outnumbered by Buddist) etc etc
    but blame Mormons for the passage and boycott UTAH but not the 31% Catholics or the 7% Baptist or the Black Churches
    then that makes you
    sniveling cowardly MORONS.

    No wonder you lost even though you raised million$$ more.

    Being a hate filled bigot is bad enough
    but in the immortal words of Dean Vernon Wormer:
    'Fat, drunk, stupid, queer and INEPT is no way to go through life, son!'

  27. See above: Proposition 8 supporters base their warped morality on dialog from comedies like Animal House.

  28. Yes
    We're bad.
    You've been warned.

  29. You won't LIKE the initiatives LGBTs put on the CA 2010 ballot, I guarantee it.


    No divorces for ANY reason for couples with minor children.

    Religious sects with less than 5% of the CA population are merely CULTS, and don't qualify for tax exempt status.

    The State has an interest in children being raised by a mother and father, all children not raised in THAT type of household are wards of the State.

    Married residents of CA, are provided NO Rights denied single residents.

  30. or

    Any decendants from a polygamous union are considered 3/5ths of a human being

  31. Go for it!
    Sounds like a winning strategy.

    Probably put together by the same great minds that ran No Prop 8.

  32. Park City reservations are DOWN double digits, a Marriott condo business closed it's doors.
    Was that the sound of ROFLMQueerAO?

    why yes it was

  33. It was the sound of gay Park City service employees ROFLTQAO all the way to the unemployment line.

    (nose, meet spited face)

  34. The economy is in recession, verging on depression.
    There is no where that isn't experiencing double digit drops in reservations.


  35. gay travel agencies are selling New Mexico ski packages SPECIFICLY to a market BOYCOTTING Utah.

    you have created a niche MARKET which thrives on your LOSS.

  36. Is that a bevy of sugar plum faeries at your Mesa Arizona Temple lights show opening tonight?

    why yes it is

  37. oh no!
    make it stop!!!

  38. WTF is up with this "anonymous" person?

    Legal equality for gays and lesbians is now expected, and increasingly demanded, by the majority of moderate citizens.

    Deal with it.

  39. Homosexuals currently enjoy all legal rights heterosexuals do.
    Attempts to enact special privileges for homosexuals or redefine essential institutions to satisfy the perverted image of homosexual whim are unacceptable, and increasingly rejected, by the majority of moderate citizens.

    Hence two defeats at the hands of voters in ultra liberal California.
    And you don't even want to know what is going on here in the rest of the nation to preserve family values.

    Is your boy Obama going to fight for Homosexual Marriage?
    Does he owe his election to voters who want Homosexual Marriage??
    Did you guys win any referendums any where Nov 4???
    Have you EVER????

    Homosexuals in California and Seattle and Salt Lake may bluster and rant on the blogs but in the RW the steamroller has momentum.

    Deal with it.

  40. Indeed, you decry homesexuality. But who is James Dobson in bed with now? The mormon church he railed for years. Has he become a mormosexual?

  41. Stop Mormons Now.

  42. Truly the vile Homosexuals have led me to see the light and the goodness in our noble Mormon brethren.

  43. VIEW your Mormon boy calendars and LATTER DAYS, and ANGELS in AMERCA...you'll get a whole NEW apprciation of brethern's love

  44. its clear to me:
    "If any miserable scoundrels come here, cut their throats." Brigham Young 1
    "The Mountain Meadows Massacre stands without a parallel amongst the crimes that stain the pages of American history. It was a crime committed without cause or justification of any kind to relieve it of its fearful character... When nearly exhausted from fatigue and thirst, [the men of the caravan] were approached by white men, with a flag of truce, and induced to surrender their arms, under the most solemn promises of protection. They were then murdered in cold blood." William Bishop, Attorney to John D. Lee.

  45. James Dobson. Its long been known which truck stops he habits. He's such a closet case. And then religion to protect himself. One friend had a encounter with Jimmy, if you know what I mean. The comment was "something is fishy in Denmark". Not sure what that really meant.

  46. The Mountain Meadows Massacre !!!!!!!!!!!!
    eeee hawwww !!!!!
    Can't Get Enough MMM !!!!!


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