Friday, November 28, 2008

Mom or Moneymaker. Pick One.

[Mommy Wars...Again] Here they come. More stories, opinion columns and general national angst over First-Lady-To-Be Michelle Obama's role. Devoted mother of two little girls or bright, Ivy League-educated lawyer?

Because of course in this big country, a country that is all about freedom and personal choice, and fewer and fewer limits on women, we still have to choose one job or the other. Not possible to do both, sorry. No way. Pick one. Squeeze yourself into one tight little role--especially when the whole world has you squirming on a slide under its mommy-judgment microscope.

Zzzz...Really, will we ever advance past the back and forth bullshit of the mommy wars? As much as there was to find reprehensible about Sarah Palin, I defended her right--any woman's right--to be a candidate and a mother. I'd defend her the same way tomorrow, too. Until we start judging all candidates/politicians--men and women--by the same standards, can't we just shut up about balancing child rearing and careers/intellectual pursuits? Start asking men about how they will manage their political jobs along with their parenting jobs and I'll gladly give it a rest.

Because BTW, you can do both jobs and actually do them quite well.

All of this applies to First Ladies, too. For more on mommy wars and politics, go here. It seems the mainstream media never tires of this topic.

(Holly Mullen)

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