Monday, November 17, 2008

Allie Gets Served

[Media] Attention angry housewives: Word has it that former Fox 13 and KUTV 2 features reporter Allie MacKay will be returning to Fox 13's Good Day Utah via her current TV station, Los Angeles' KTLA (it's a corporate-synergy thing). Look for her on Friday, if her camera crew isn't busy covering fires or other far-less-important news.

Meanwhile, Allie has finally arrived nationally--or at least on E!: She was served by The Soup's dreamy Joel McHale for referring to his show as Talk Soup (an big no-no Joel World). Here's the faux pax goodness:

(Bill Frost)


  1. Come home Allie!!! Morning tv sucks since you left us.

  2. Thanks Frank....but my new name is Nut-bag Dye-job. He really went out on a limb with the hair comment huh?
    I miss Utah - greatest viewers ever! See you this Friday sround 7:40ish!

    Allie Mac Kay

  3. Ye Gods, Allie is like an untreated case of clap, we can't get rid of her. I was happy to see this shrill bleached out fungus leave.

    Hey Allie, you make my ass ache. Read a book, pull your finger out of your ass, do anything but whine in SLC.

  4. All I know is that she gives me a boner!

    Too bad she isn't a Republican Mormon then I could marry her.

  5. Allie - Once again we see the infamous Utah intolerance for originality.

    I love the tone in your voice when you totally rip someone and they don’t realize it. Your wit and innocent look is priceless!!! “What???” And as far as your new name goes… anyone could see that your rejection of Joel McHale cut deep the way he was striking out. You were right to spurn him because his MO to inflate his own ego by demeaning others is a sign that he has no talent and serious insecurity.

    I say again, when you get tired of playing around, come home. Cyd moved to Utah and with both of you in the same state we might actually have some fun here. Oh, and Joel’s announcement about your hair color just means less of a surprise when… Well, you know. Come home.

  6. DEAR Nut-bag Dye-job:

    We miss you in Utah - this place is soooooooooooo boring!


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