Sunday, November 2, 2008


[California's Proposition 8] Now, this is a fine anti-Prop 8 ad from Watch it:

Those missionaries in suits and ties are scary! Regardless of how you vote, be sure to keep Mormon missionaries out of your house!

(Brandon Burt)


  1. LOL, wow, what great bigotry... against the LDS church. I don't agree with their position, but, members of the LDS Church, just like any organization, like any gay organization, has the right to donate money and promote causes they believe in. While this ad and its supporting coalition promotes the LDS church as being bigoted, the above ad is itself an expression of bigotry towards the LDS church.

  2. how can the church involve itself in political matters like this and still retain its nonprofit status? does anybody really know?

    also, while i liked the video - both for its content and message - i fail to see how it is an example of hyperrealism. hyperrealism to me is like Disneyland's Main Street - a simulation of a time and place that never really existed, but has the essence of reality. even better than the real thing kind of creation, like all those tacky restaurants at Jordan Commons.

    this video is parody with a purpose.

  3. Well said Mr. Drew. Members of a church are going to have similar values, and they have the right to donate money towards promoting a cause that they believe in.

    "Say no to a church taking over your government." So this video is stating that citizens supporting an issue they feel strongly about constitutes a church taking over the government of the state of California. Sounds militant. Is that what happens every time a law is enacted?


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