Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Cafe Closed

[Media] Don't worry, it's just Channel 14's KJZZ Cafe, the most ineptly executed morning "news" show in local media history. KJZZ canceled that not-quite-year-old series and the even newer Home Team (sports, right?) last week. Hard to believe KJZZ Cafe couldn't catch on with viewers (as in plural) with sparkly-vague "family" promos and overlong "comic" editorials like these:

(Bill Frost)


  1. Jesus is crying somewhere.

  2. "KJZZ cafe" was a terrible show and i am amused to see it was cancelled. It replaced a show i liked called "The Daily Buzz". I hope they put it back on the air still airs everywhere in the country exept utah.

  3. Wow. Compelling argument for NOT having a Facebook profile. Thanks.

  4. oh doctor, my sides. nurse - make haste the side reseaming equipment!


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