Monday, November 10, 2008

One of the Biggest Ways Obama Can Blow It...

[Politics] OK the revolution has come, the swing states have swung, history has been made and now we're getting down to it. It's time for everyone with the lingering symptoms of Obama fever to kick the habit of loving the candidate and get into scrutinizing the President.

We gave it to him, now it's time he earned it. Which in my opinion is why it's alarming that Obama has quickly turned to stating he will use executive orders to start shaking things up and getting shit done, even before they've picked out the drapes.

Why is that scary you say? Because executive orders, the presidents ability to circumvent the legislative branch to quickly enact policy has become a dangerous thing after four years of W. Executive orders in the last administration helped de-regulate the hell out of everything environmental, research, trade, foreign diplomacy. The power of the executive was made into an awesome power to behold and now Obama has inherited this political ring of Sauron, he means to just use it for good...right?

The problem is of course that Obama is looking at a first term where no matter how good he is the biggest problem is not going to be fixed overnight--the economy. Even under the best of circumstances it is just going to take a long time for the economy to un-fuck-itself up. Obama doesn't want to look like a daydreaming johnny in the meantime, so he's got to take some decisive action.

So far he's looking at repealing the ban on embryonic stem cell research and pulling up stakes on drilling in environmentally sensitive areas like in our own fair state. But the question is will he stop at just trying to undo Bush's executive orders? Will he know when to stop? Here's to hoping he does, because while that will make him look like an action-ready pres in the short term he will sacrifice the long term good of setting the example of being a president who leads by engaging the other branches of government instead of sneaking around behind them. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. for crying out loud-

  2. In a few years the country will be wishing Obama groupies had scrutinized their boy BEFORE casting a ballot.

  3. I think alot of people look at Obama as the lesser of to evils. I think their right, but thats the problem we need to get past the two party system (nothing but a power struggle to gain control),Idon't think anything is fixed. It's just a new set of problems!

  4. I did not vote for Obama. But I will Support him as president. He will be under a watchful eye of alot of people. I do hope that he will always remember that the people voted him in because we all hope for a brighter future.
    We as a country need to throw any malice aside. Come togeather more as one. but still keep our individuality and stop fighting meaninglessly.


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