Wednesday, November 19, 2008

France Wins!

[Vin] France is the clear winner of Wine Spectator's 2008 Top 100 Wines, if I did my math correctly. The Top 100, released this month, lists 31 French wines, 22 from the USA, and for what I believe is a first, an Israeli wine: Golan Heights Cabernet Sauvignon Galilee Yarden 2004. 

5 of the top 10 wines were from France, with Chateauneuf-du-Pape placing twice in the top 10: Vieux Telegraphe and Beaucastel. Predictably, there was plenty of high-end Bordeaux and Burgundy in the Top 100, but you might want to look to the Loire for value. Loire wines rated from 90 to 100 points averaged $32 per bottle versus Burgundy at $116 and Bordeaux averaging $95. 

New World wine has been and is on the rise. But don't count France out just yet! (Ted Scheffler)


  1. The Golan Heights rightfully belongs to Syria; Israel has occupied that land since 1967, and officially annexed it in 1981, an action which the UN Security Council denounced with Resolution 497.

  2. And a state of unthreatened existence rightfully belongs to Israel; but Syria and the UN and Hezbollah and Iran and the PLO have never shown the slightest regard for that fact, preferring instead to darken Israel's borders with bunkers full of offensive weapons, and to declare and enact, however haplessly, their intention to push the state of Israel into the sea. What a pity that these bloodthirsty aggressors, who saw the Golan only as a launching pad for shells directed at Israeli farmers, have repeatedly been rightfully spanked by the IDF. Let us give thanks that the Golan now rests in the productive hands of the Israelis, who plant the vineyard and pour the wine, rather than in the arthritic claws of the Syrians, who sow hatred and offer their neighbor only murder and terror.

  3. Er, you folks realize this was a simple blog about wine, right?


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