Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hey, where's the Christ in Christmas ...

[Typo alert] That's what you might be askin' if you saw the headline on the Nov. 27 In Utah This Week. The weekly is the wild child of Mormon church-owned Deseret News' and the Salt Lake Trib's MediaOne company.

OK, it's not like we never had a typo on our cover ... but this one's just too good not to tip our stocking cap at.

And is "wishlist" really one word? (Jerre Wroble)


  1. Sorry, just checked their website and it clearly says "Christmas" on the cover design. The interbot is never wrong. Which begs the question, is the Ciy Weely photoshoping?

    I mean, Holy Shi certainly In Magazine didn't really forget to dot their "i's" and include their "t's."

  2. Anonymous: Are you accusing CW of perpetrating a hoax? A front-page misspelling can be easily proved or disproved. If CW wanted to perpetrate a hoax, why would it bother over something as minor as a typo?

    If you're that concerned about it, look at the front page of "In This Week" next time you pass by it without picking up a copy. It does, actually, contain the typo.

    It was corrected online.

  3. Hard hitting cutting edge journalism.
    You guys should start clearing shelf space for the Pulitzer Prize you've got coming.

  4. Thanks so much to the CW staff for bringing this to my attention. I will forever view "In Utah This Week" magazine with a jaundiced eye.

  5. That is hilar. I always figured In would know that it's spelled Xmas.


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