Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dead Zephyr: Week 262

(Bill Frost)


  1. Homeless pigeons now own the building (especially in the space that used to Siegfried's). How I love looking through the windows at the sight of feathers fused with guano. It's downtown living at its finest (at least for the birds). (Jerre Wroble)

  2. So,, exactly why did the zeph go down? Some of us that loved the place and spent a fair amount of time there, never really got the real story! Or is there a real story?

  3. looks like you'll need to add a "Dead Port O' Call" blog too

  4. Young Dubs, Dread Zeppelin, Young Dubs, Liz Phair, John Entwistle, Young Dubs...

    What a shame.


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