Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Alternative

Are you a concerned, politically active citizen who cares a great deal about how the general election turns out? Of course you are! You’re reading this blog…

But maybe all of those CNN election maps are starting to give you panic attacks and nightmares. Perhaps you’re beginning to feel like this election cycle has dragged on for 10 years.

Maybe, instead of watching election coverage until you need eye drops, Clockwork Orange-style, you should reward yourself for voting and head down to The Urban Lounge and partake in some world-class rock ‘n roll instead.

The King Khan & BBQ Show and Women, two not-to-be-missed Canadian acts are set to grace the stage.

After such a prolonged, tumultuous election cycle, shouldn’t we all take a page from my wise 89-year-old Grandpa and “just have a drink, darlin’?”

If ever there was a night to just have a drink darlin’, it’s tonight. In the age of text messages and cell phone internet access, you surely won’t miss a moment of this historic night.

Unless you have one too many drinks and loose your phone.

(Jenny Poplar)

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