Friday, November 21, 2008

What Would Harvey Do?

Join KRCL RadioActive host Troy Williams tonight for a live interview with Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter for the forthcoming film, Milk, about the life and times of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in U.S. history. Black, a former member of the LDS Church, was inspired to come out after learning about Milk's fight for equal rights. Join Williams and Black for an open discussion on the current battle for gay and lesbian civil liberties, 5-6 p.m. at the downtown City Library (241 S. 400 East)
(Jamie Gadette)


  1. This movie should be shown in ever WARD to help those that are culturally deprived. Other ideas, maybe us gays could go door to door by two, with a little flip chart about what gays are? Part of the demo, would love to kiss in front of them in the parlour.
    Well, it's so much hard bs coming from them, just as well have some fun here. I wonder if Monson has a wide stance like Larry Craig.

  2. Milk was originally from New York. He moved to San Francisco after leaving the Navy because he knew his lifestyle would find acceptance there. And he was right.

    Before you get carried away with Milk's "courage", consider one thing" "coming out" in San Francisco is not brave; it wasn't even brave to do so in 1978. Would he have "come out" if he lived in Peoria, or even Los Angeles? How about Oakland?

  3. what would Harvey do?

    after another 30 years seeing his people still beaten, still murdered, still spit on and ridiculed, still fighting H8 initiatives...first he'd weep, then he'd organize, then he'd CONQUER.

  4. Prop8 ...just add MILK

    the power drink of THIS millenium


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