Friday, November 21, 2008

Utes-Cougs: metaphor for Utah life

Seems everyone's gettin' in on Saturday's holy war.

First, we have Salt Lake Chamber's Lane Beattie and Provo/Orem Chamber's Steve Densley agreeing to fly the flag of the winning team for a full business day and in a prominent place if "their" team loses.

Then we have the Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Provo City Mayor Lewis K. Billings agreeing to a"fitness challenge," whereby the mayor of the losing team will bike approximately 50 miles to the winning team’s mayor's city hall to deliver a donation for Utah Food Bank.

Even though BYU and Utah have waged this war since 1896, the stakes have never been higher than they are for Nov. 22's game, starting at 4 p.m. at Rice-Eccles Stadium. The unbeaten eighth-ranked Utah team will learn if a BCS bowl is in their future and 16th-ranked BYU will learn if they have a chance to share the Mountain West title.

And someone will have to fly a flag they despise or pedal 50 miles.

What's your wager? (Jerre Wroble)


  1. Double or Nuthin!

    Utah wins and we repeal Prop 8.
    BYU wins then we repeal Dan Savage.
    any takers??

  2. I am concerned. The Holy War pulls in even the casual viewer. If they really start trying to pimp this deseret duel bullshit as a legitimate name I boycott everything!


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