Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palin: The Day of the Jackal

[Tacky Politicians] Good god, the printer ink is barely dry on the presidential election votes and America's most notable cougar, er, jackal is already circling the corpse of the 2008 Republican party looking for work.

Sarah Palin--again--shows she has no sense of decorum, no political intelligence and no class. She is a consumate opportunist, and her rush to trash John McCain and the party that took a chance on her small-town Alaska ass will only come back to haunt her.

You saw plenty of this during the campaign. Palin had no sense of etiquette when stumping with McCain. She frequently referred to him as "my running mate." Huh? On which page of Emily Post's "Manners in Campaigning" did she find that reference? The woman was HIS running mate, for hell's sake. It may sound like a picky point, but seriously, it's symbolic of how impulsive, self-centered and plain dumb the woman is. And now that there are no campaign gatekeepers for Palin's tackiness, I predict the woman hangs herself for 2008, 2012 and 2016. The GOP may be looking to reinvent itself, but will likely draw the line at making a hillbilly its symbol of a whole new day.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. Holly Holly Holly...

    your petty jealousy is so unbecoming-
    the green bleeds right thru the monitor

    feminist don't know what to make of a strong truly independent woman who doesn't bow to the radical left agenda

    (is use of the term 'cougar' an example of CW journalistic decorum or is that a personal indulgence? very classy)

  2. I actually feel sorry for her. SP was a sacrifical lamb for the Republicans. Choosing SP (over more qualified males) superficially combats their old white boy image. But that's still who they are. She's their fall guy... and sadly doesn't know it. The advisors that chose her, were sexist to think Hillary supporters were stupid enough to vote on gender alone, but smart in keeping their religious fanatics. Those against, are doing the "i told you so" by planting stupid rumors. A party in need of serious rehab work.

    SP was a sexist choice. I think Holly's use of the word cougar is clever and appropriate considering it's a sexist, new, popular word in our culture... just like SP. Did you ever hear of SP before?! And is there a male equivalent to the word cougar?

  3. Hey now, what's wrong with cougars? We all love a nice cougar now and again. ;)


    I didn't come here to talk about cougars. I just wanted to tell Holly how much we love your irreverence :)


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