Monday, November 17, 2008

OK, Kids. Settle Down Before Somebody Loses an Eye

[Activism] Things are starting to get ugly out there. Somebody sent an envelope of white powder to the LDS Salt Lake Temple. Somebody else torched lawn signs critical of the LDS Church's support of Proposition 8. People are shooting out windows, engaging in acts of vandalism, calling names, issuing threats. And, in the midst of it all, Bill Marriott is standing there, pleading, "Please, don't boycott my hotels!"

None of these things is helping.

Now, protesting is great. Free speech is what it's all about. But these kinds of acts are not acceptable.

(And, come on, Mormons. You can stop playing the victim. We've heard enough about how loving and compassionate your behavior was while you were busy ensuring that families you don't like can't get marriage licenses. We know you did that out of love--which is exactly why the gays are marching on your temples. It's because they love you. They only hate the sin of intolerance.)

You're not being victimized by anybody who criticizes you. Nobody's limiting your free speech by disagreeing with what you have to say. In fact, you are suddenly in the enviable position of having the upper hand. How cool is that?

Relax. We're pissed off at you. The white powder that got sent to your temples was harmless. You won the Proposition 8 battle. What do you have to complain about?

The courts will likely overturn California's unconstitutional amendment, but once they do, think of the possibilities! You'll be able to accuse them of "judicial activism," pretend that you're under attack from "militant homosexual activists," and, oh! all kinds of other things.

Utah is a powder keg and Proposition 8 is a lit fuse. Stop it now before somebody gets hurt.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. Don't delude yourself;
    the post is taglinned(Activism)-

    it is (TERRORISM)

    Homosexual haters are losing the ability to pretend to be "normal" and the ugly reality is oozing out.

  2. The article is labeled-


    What is random about it?

    It is a carefully tergeted campaign of terror against LDS interest by proponents of Homosexual marriage.

    Is CW the cover-up mouthpiece for the trrrorist??
    (sorry, silly question with obvious affirmative answer)

  3. As Bobby D. would have wailed--
    "How does it feeeel?!"

    Homosexuals have cultivated and wallowed in the Sainthood of "Victim" status for decades-
    "if bad people hate us we must be virtuous"

    Now Homosexuals are playing the role of Skinhead Thugs.

    True colors always emerge eventually.

  4. "Relax. We're pissed off at you. The white powder that got sent to your temples was harmless. What do you have to complain about?"

    You ignorant fucker. If this happened at City Weekly, you would shit your pants, and I wouldn't blame you. This is scary stuff.

  5. Brandon Burt in mathematical terms:

    Narcissism + inhumanity = sociopath

  6. Yeah, white powder is no big deal unless it's the real thing, right? That's why Congressional offices were shut down for months and months and why the mail still takes weeks to get through--because it's all a harmless joke.

    If you were at a reputable publication, Brandon Burt, you would be terminated for writing this kind of vitriolic crap...

    ...oh wait, that's right--you work for Cityweekly.

  7. The FBI deemed the white powder harmless,. I guess the Church is having additional tests just to to be safe, or is it to keep the media focused on the crime? I would guess the latter, based on the the fact they didn't use precaution and evacuate a broader area when it was discovered. Who is to say a Mormon didn't mail it? (some of them are squirrels).

    Un-bless those judgemental black hearts who label homosexual people with the wrath of organized skinhead thugs. True colors can emerge quite quickly in states of adversity and some are quite vivid. Look at this like we do our Muslim Community. Are we going to chastise peaceful protesters or certain guilty parties?

    How does it FEEEELLLL? Encouraging that's how. The state of California was only 40% in favor of Proposition Hate prior to the LDS involvement. It was close on the ballot after the pain campaign.

    Terrorists? Skinheads? (gimme a break)

  8. Brandon, you know I agree with you 98% of the time. But I think sending white powder to the SLC Temple was inappropriate and despicable. It didn't help anyone.

    I believe the LDS Church crossed the line when it comes to Proposition 8, but there's no reason that anyone should resort to terrorism - whether real or fake - in order to express their frustration.

  9. "Relax. We're pissed off at you. The white powder that got sent to your temples was harmless. What do you have to complain about?"

    This was misplaced sarcasm, right?

  10. A Mormon sent a white, powdery substance to their most sacred place of worship, temples? Blog Patrol, that's an amazing twist of logic.

    This is a vivid view into the minds and logic of the lunatic fringe. Justifying threats of violence ('we're pissed'), accusing Mormons of threatening themselves ('some of them are squirrels').

    Brandon says "Utah is a powder keg and Proposition 8 is a lit fuse. Stop it now before somebody gets hurt." How do you propose we Utah from exploding, Brandon? Let me guess: Once the Mormons capitulate, you'll garauntee our safety?

  11. All I can say is I was a supporter of your cause until you turned to terrorism. Fake or otherwise it was done to create terror in other people's lives.

  12. Interestingly, this is on

    BREAKING NEWS: Syracuse seminary evacuated after suspicious white powder found The seminary at Syracuse Jr. High has been evacuated while police and emergency crews investigate a report of a suspicious white powder found in an envelope or package. We have a crew on the way to the scene. Stay tuned to, KSL Newsradio 102.7FM/1160AM and KSL TV for the latest updates.

    Probably one of those squirrely Mormons, right Blog Patrol? /sarcasm off

    So, Brandon, what if it's not fake this time? Would we have something to complain about?

  13. Sounds like it's not powder, but a package. We will see.

  14. well, I think the war has begun

    Congrats, your tolerance is launching a war.

  15. Blog Patrol said:"How does it FEEEELLLL? Encouraging that's how."

    Wow. You're really an optomist or idiot.
    California wasn't the first state to, not just ban homosexual marriage, but put the ban in the State Constitution. Try about 35th. While you boys have been celebrating your ill-gotten activist judge indian-giver marriages the rest of the nation has feverishly been banning you out of existance.
    Feels Reeeeal goood!! EeeeHauy!!

    Also you said "Terrorists? Skinheads? (gimme a break)"
    How 'bout a dictionary? Look it up. Terrorist.

  16. Since the LDS faith set the example "of taking matters into their own hands" it is logical to consider the possibility of: this is an arranged "stunt" to further blacken the Gay Community.

    I have seen these hate crimes myself from proclaimed "Saint's." and since Utah is not the only place this is happening. It's not fair to place blame entirely on either side.

    Pretty sick, who ever did it, and to kids? WHO OPENED THIS CAN OF WORMS ??? We can place responsibility there. We can't stop the nuts from acting out, however it could have been prevented.

  17. According to wikipedia the anti-8 folks raised $2 million more than the poor Mormons.
    Still lost.
    In California, even.
    You guys are not only poor losers,
    your inept as well.

    Keep the white powder coming,
    it is a much better color for you than rainbow,
    which you'll find rapidly going out of style..

  18. Wikipedia can be amended, and is all the time. The figures are being traced to the LDS as alot of the donations had no religious confirmations on them.

    F.Y.I. I am a hetrosexual woman.

  19. Mr. Burt has always been a tool, I guess I never knew how much of one until now. If they found a utah mormon sending fake anthrax to Mayor Newsom he would be calling for his head and screaming that this is church sponsored terrorism. But since it is his side that is doing it its OK and needs ot be done.

    Holly. Please do us all a favor and fire him.

  20. You fucking people are all tools.

    First off, who said that whomever sent the fucking temple fake anthrax wasn't a) a lunatic that's been looking for an excuse to do so, or b) a crazy fucking Mormon trying drum up sympathy? Either of the two could be possible, so using this as your excuse to beat on more gay people is fucking ignorant.

    God I hate Utahns!

  21. Wasn't just the Mormons-
    Wiki: "The campaigns for and against Proposition 8 raised $35.8 million and $37.6 million, respectively"

  22. Right. Obviously, Utahn's are your problem.

    If a heterosexual woman disagrees with us we must be wrong!
    I've seen the light!!

    Thank you, Blog Patrol.

  24. You people that actually agree with this Brandon Idiot who wrotye this column are just plain dumb. You think its the lds church who is playing the victim card? are u people nuts, its the gays who arte playing the victim card, and lets hope that the judicial system doesnt overturn the majority of the people who voted for that Prop 8, JUDGES ARE NOT THEIR TO MAKE LAWS...

  25. "You people that actually agree with this Brandon Idiot who wrotye this column are just plain dumb. You think its the lds church who is playing the victim card? are u people nuts, its the gays who arte playing the victim card, and lets hope that the judicial system doesnt overturn the majority of the people who voted for that Prop 8, JUDGES ARE NOT THEIR TO MAKE LAWS..."

    Dude. You can't write like this and then call other people dumb.

  26. Hm. I was trying to figure out where people were getting the idea I was advocating sending fake anthrax to temples--my intended point was that these kinds of acts are not acceptable, nor is lighting people's lawn signs on fire.

    If these kinds of irresponsible acts continue, somebody will end up hurt.

    I should have stopped there, but then I kind of got sidetracked over the whole "victim" mentality of the people who, after all, did win the Proposition 8 battle.

    It was confusing and not my best-written blog post. Guess I should have read it more thoroughly before hitting the "save" button.

  27. I just got back from a massage so I'm in a good mood. So I'll try to tackfull as I can.

    So you saw the light huh? If you pull you head out of your butt, it's bright everywhere :-0

  28. @anonymous2
    1. Careful act of terrorism? You are delusional.

    2. What is the interest of the LDS church exactly in not allowing gays to marry? I am being serious here. I would really like to here a well stated argument of what is exactly the problem with gay marriage. I haven't heard one so far. Gays aren't hurting anyone if they are allowed to marry. I guess it's always the same, fear from the unknown that fuels intolerance. Certainly not what the core idea of any religion is, but then again organized religion is just a cover up for the power hungry and intolerant. Compassionate, yes but only if you are one of us....

  29. Ok, now that I have my :-0 out of my system for the day..... Perhaps I can help you out a little Blah, by giving them some legitimate point's to debate.

    1. The LDS feel a deep eternal sense that marriage lasts for time and eternity if it is sealed in the temple. This sealing must be done in order to enter the Celestial Kingdom. So marriage is indeed a sacred required covenant for glory in the highest degree. They believe children will continue to be born only to those living in the Celestial Kingdom. You can't become a GOD with out meeting the qualifications to enter this kingdom.

    2. Fear is a valid factor, They (like any loving minded parent) want the best for their children. What they fear is this will contradict their teachings if we allow same sex marriages. If proposition 8 was defeated it would send the message that it's ok to marry the same sex, and religion, God, and marriage mean nothing.

    My take on it as an Ex-Mormon:

    These are valid concerns, So more focus needs to be within the church teachings on Sundays, and to people who accept the faith as their own. Not the rest of us.

    We have religious freedom in this Country. Other faiths allow all marriages into their worship. It's the civil right of every American to choose their personal relationship with God.

    We can't determine who others are going to fall in love with...

    I feel we all benefit from gay marriages in quite a few ways. 1. There will be less STD exposure. 2. We get to know our children for who they are, not who we want them to be. 3. They get to enjoy loving committed giving relationships that are not considered second rate or odd (there is many people to dare classify gays as out of the norm). 4. I feel this will bring them closer to God, as religion is how you develop your at-one-ment with him. To try and control Gay's with your own ideals creates a barrier to this sacred personal process if they choose to believe in God. 5. We prevent suicides in our youth who are suffering guilt because homosexuality is condemned. 6. We don't see divorces due to people trying to be who they are not, then devastating families, and potentially teaching children not to trust relationships.

    (Just life's observations)

  30. I like fucking cantaloupes.

  31. And two is better than one.

  32. This has got to be who sent the letters. :-)

  33. Yes, some points are valid. My biggest concern is then that marriage if viewed as sacred should not come with benefits and legal rights. It then should be purely a religious thing and other aspect concerning legal issues or financial aid for families (tax exempts and whatnot) should be regulated separately and clearly should include gay partnerships. There is a reason state and church are separated (or at least should be).
    This would resolve the conflict of marriage loosing it's meaning for certain religions if gays would be allowed to marry. Clearly one then can still go on and fight for inclusion of gay marriage in any religion if someone feels inclined to do so but at least it would not strip gay partnerships of important legal rights and possible financial aid for families.

  34. I agree with you Blah, it seems to be the peaceful way to resolve the issues, and people have expressed this idea frequently.

    I can't comprehend how gay marriage will dissolve the "sacred meaning". Marriage is much more than what the Constitution or the Dictionary defines it to be........... It's about love.

    The kids interact with Gays better than some of adults, I believe the bad influence wrap gays receive, and the cruel behavior bestowed on them stems from what society learns. If they are taught to cope with fear by hating that's what they will do. Influence is not going to turn heterosexuals in homosexuals. I feel people's actions devalue marriage, no matter what laws we drum up, or whatever sex our marriage partner is.

    We should be legally married at the time we apply for a Marriage License, and if you choose a civil or religious confirmation ceremony great! It's your life.

    Everyone on this Earth has a right to be here, all Americans deserve equality, civil liberties and tax benefits. Christian's believe it was Gods will to give us free agency. Aren't our life's to be benefited by his example?

    (I better quit now before, the lunatic fringe in me really gets creative)


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