Monday, November 3, 2008

Attention 3rd Congressional District Voters

Before you go to the polls, here's a last-minute endorsement that may sway your opinion, courtesy of the good people at Citizens Against Government Waste.

"The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC) today announced its endorsement of Rep. Chris Cannon for Congress in Utah's 3rd Congressional District. ...

"Rep. Cannon has been a principled advocate of lower taxes and a smaller government since arriving in Washington. Rep. Cannon received a score of 93 percent in the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste 2007 Congressional Ratings, earning the rank of Taxpayer Hero."

Unfortunatly for the taxpayers, Cannon isn't running, having lost out in the Republican primary to Jason Chaffetz who faces off against Democrat Bennion Spencer in tomorrow's contest.

On the other hand, maybe the Citizens Against know somethign we dont. Chaffetz' plan to round up immigrants behind barbed wire fences sounds like it will take a lot of tax dollars. Better go with the Citizens' recommendation on this one.

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