Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear Dan Savage

The following is a reprint of a letter sent to the editor of the Seattle Stranger in response to its advocacy to "Boycott Utah"

Dear Dan Savage,

My name is Ryan Bradford and I'm a contributor to the Salt Lake City Weekly, the state's largest alt-weekly. As a fellow "journalist" (well, music writer... which demands as much journalistic respect as, say, a sex-advice columnist), I know you have to make bold statements to get people's attention and keep them engaged. I know that statements like "Boycott Utah", however outlandish that may be, will get people's attention. And in today's ever-polarizing political climate, it's a statement that seems to be catching on.

Here's my bold statement: Fuck you, Mr. Savage.

I'll be the first to say that boycotting Utah is easy - in light of the LDS Church's despicable involvement with Prop 8, I'm guessing it'd be easier to defend AIDS than our state. However, progress is not made through easy decisions, nor is it quick. Boycotting Utah is not addressing the elephant in the room -- it's holding it back while you hold its baby in a headlock; boycotting Utah is similarly cruel and bullying. And that's why my "fuck you" is personally directed at you.

I'm sure you already know how prominent your voice is in the gay and lesbian population, and when you say "Boycott Utah," people will listen. The Utah community hears you.

And this is what they hear: You've given up on them. In these harrowing times, the gay and lesbian population of Utah, my friends, need all the support they can get. They already have to endure a city where the majority doesn't accept them, but to know that the rest of America has turned their backs on them is pretty fucking shitty. Scapegoating is unbecoming and cowardly, and yeah, it's easy to blame an unpopular religion for the outcome of Prop 8, but we can't lose sight of those affected by our retaliation. If you continue to support a boycott of our state, then we can only assume that you're not only a hypocrite (your repeated call to "address the problem" while eagerly jumping on a campaign of alienation), but that bandwagoning means more to you than expressing compassion to those who need you right now.

So I'm sorry for the Fuck You I said earlier. In times of great political turmoil we often say things that we don't mean because of heightened emotions and whatnot. I sincerely hope your call to boycott Utah, and the lovely gay/lesbian culture within, is an example of that.


(Ryan Bradford)


  1. Right on, Ryan!
    Scapegoating IS unbecoming and cowardly, especially blaming an unpopular religion for the outcome of Prop 8.
    Have some guts and put the blame where it belongs: Black California voters.
    Boycott California blacks.
    Go on, do it.

  2. Not the kind of solidarity I was hoping for...

  3. Interesting.
    Homosexuals tout same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue.
    But the community that has the most firsthand knowledge of civil rights rejected that notion by almost three to one.
    Blacks aren't buying equating their struggle for equality with the right for rich self-centered spoiled yuppie white homosexuals to blow $50K on a "wedding".
    Go figure.

  4. Ryan--

    Who are you? My guess is some a high schooler or jr. high schooler filling just one more free internship at the weakly. Am i right? Seriously, though, do you really think this infantile tripe you have "written" is helpful in any way? Also, do you wanna get a copy of Elements of Style? Please? See if Ben's copy is still lying around the office somewhere--I know John and Holly have never read that thing... please grow the fuck up or get out of the biz...please...that goes for all of you bastars who have destroyed the Pvt. Eye. Thanks.

  5. Hark! Joe Biden is a funny name, indeed.November 9, 2008 at 10:30 PM

    Pvt. Eye? "Infantile"? "Elements of Style"? How fucking old are you?

  6. I bet he's old enough to not have a job and therefore has nothing better to do. Other than wish ill upon Ryan for speaking up about his views.

  7. Hark? Who the fuck says Hark?November 10, 2008 at 8:36 AM

    WTF--this is a weird thread; However, I do agree w/ the crotchety old man that the old Private Eye was way better than the current rag; journalism in this town has gone to schneickie

  8. Ryan,

    I hope you are gratified to see that your objectors can only complain about your style not your message. Thank you for trying to add a voice of common sense. It is hypocritical for the voice that loudly proclaims discrimination to be the first to scream let’s discriminate; but call it a boycott.

  9. Savage has it right. Boycott Utah, the only thing these hateful mormons understand is money. Take away the tourism piggy bank, you'll get their attention.
    The Weekly is the best paper in town, only because the competition is truly pathetic.

  10. Hey guys, when you publish your own grammatically-pristine publications, I'd love to see them. I could always use a subscription to Misanthropy Beat.

    Now exuse me, I have to reach couple thousand more people. Thanks.

  11. It's not a matter of grammar, it's a matter of not sounding like a complete moron when you address issues that matter...i think...

  12. Ryan as someone living with AIDS and someone boycotting Utah

    Banning any gay writer in Utah MAKES you look even MORE bigotted than your funding 4 of every 5 dollars for Prop 8.


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