Friday, November 2, 2007

This Red Light Brought to You By Red Bull

[Ads Gone Wild] Every time I think that America has run out of places to put advertising, I am proven wrong, wrong and oh-you-poor-naive-thing wrong. The guy who auctioned off his forehead as billboard space will seem positively quaint in another year.

Next time you park in the Gateway parking garage, take note of the diagonal lines between spaces. Yes, the dividing space between cars is now sponsored by Nationwide Auto Insurance -- so that when you swing that car door open too wide and ding your neighbor, you know exactly whom to call.

Because I never want to be surprised again, I challenge City Weekly blog readers to come up with the best marriage of as-yet-unsponsored-space in Utah and the corporate/business logo we'd be most likely to see there one day. The most creative idea may just win something from the piles of DVDs, books and other goodies in a certain editorial office. (Scott Renshaw)


  1. OK, I'll play:

    Sigfried and Jensen on the back of SouthWest Ambulances. Robery J DeBry can buy ad space on Gold Cross.

    The University of Utah Medical Center cardiac unit brought to you by USANA; because if you used our suppliments, maybe you won't be here next time. And, you'll make a buttload of cash to pay your bills.

    Utah House Chambers becomes the room (Overstock founder Patrick Byrne has contributed 75% of funds to Parents for Choice in Education).

  2. I think we should start branding the homeless. So the next time they want money, I won't have to come up with some awkward lie. Instead it'll be like "I need to save all my money for... a Quality Tuff Shed!"


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