Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Numbs the Word

[Music] One of Utah's most enduring (read: they've been around a long damn time) hip-hop groups Numbs have landed tracks on videogames and TV shows in the past, but this week they've made what may be their biggest score yet: "Dedication," a great cut from their latest Nfinity, will show up somewhere in NBC's Friday Night Lights on, well, Friday night.

Says Numbs emcee Mark Dago, "Now if ONLY we could land a song on Lost ... feel me?"

Yeah, because while critics love Friday Night Lights, the high school/college football drama/soap hasn't yet caught on with TV viewers--believe it or not, more people actually watch CBS' boneheaded vampire drama Moonlight in the same timeslot! Numbs' "Art of the Strike" would be perfect for that show ... (Bill Frost)

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