Thursday, November 29, 2007

America's Next Top Regime Change

[Politics] For any you kids worried that the only way Republicans will beef up war spending is by starting another war, you ought to start doing your homework on a little place called Iran.

That's why it would be worth checking out a slide show being put on tonight from members of a peace delegation recently returning from Iran. One of the delegates, Phil Wilayto, peace activist and journalist, will be doing a presentation and slide show tonight Nov. 29 at Nobrow Coffee on 315 East Broadway from 7-9 pm tonight. Phil took this expedition on behalf of several organizations including the Campaign Against Sanction and Military Intervention in Iran

Phil also appeared on todays RadioActive program on KRCL talking about the trip and making the point that if you really want to actually do something to prevent war in Iran, try a vacation there. Apparently the only restrictions on travel there for Americans is that they contract their tour through a travel agency.

This peace tourism actually makes sense, not only do people travelling there benefit from learning the full complexities of a country, gaining vital perspective to counter the ever increasing war rhetoric emerging from the White House, but they also increase economic ties between our countries and make it more costly to engage in war.

For anyone actually scared of going to a country we might soon be at war with, keep in mind a rule for international travel I can personally swear by, some people probably hate America with a passion, but few people don't love Americans--especially when you are making the effort to learn about their culture. (Eric S. Peterson)

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