Friday, November 23, 2007

This is Wacked

[X-cycling] A press release pitching this mountain bike transformation kit came my way this morning.

Hmm. I love bicycling. I love back country skiing. But I kind of hope I don't run into one of those obsessed X Games types spinning around on one of these things this winter when I'm skiing a sweet little area in Big Cottonwood Canyon we like to call Mary Lee's Trees. Because I will want to hit him or her with something. Maybe my ski.

It's like this: Mountain biking all summer and fall. Skiing all winter and spring. Can we not just leave some sports pure and made-as-god-intended, without going all extreme and bat-shit crazy with after-market tinkering? A bike is a bike. Skis are skis. Got it?

If anyone out there has actually used one of these contraptions, let me know. What's the attraction? I can't imagine you converting me, but I never say never... (Holly Mullen)

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  1. They're more fun with a jet-pack strapped on. And a virtual-reality helmet.


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