Monday, November 12, 2007

The New Mormon News

[Media] A few years ago we seem to recall the Deseret Morning News (then known as the Deseret News, sans Morning) tried to increase its readership by expanding its appeal to non-LDS readers. The reporting staff was beefed up. A hot shot, Pulitzer Prize winner was brought in to edit the paper. The News wasn’t going to be just for Mormons anymore.

Apparently, the plan didn’t work out as well as expected.

New editor Joe Cannon in a recent memo to staff explains that the D-News has found an exciting new niche of readers to target … Mormons. To that end, he has appointed a new “assistant managing editor for LDS faith and culture” and is planning several new publications to target the faithful.

“We also have the great fortune of having a second, perhaps even more valuable, niche: the LDS culture,” Cannon writes staffers. “The worldwide market for that niche is sizeable.”

The editor ominously ads filling that niche will require “real fundamental change.”

You can read Cannon’s memo
here, as posted on “Memo’s sent to Romenesko,” a newspaper industry forum compiled by Jim Romenesko on Poynter Online. (Ted McDonough)

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