Friday, November 9, 2007

Yeah, Maybe Leave That to The Onion ...

[Media] Today, launched its comedy sister site, "23/6: Some of the News, Most of the Time." It's headed up by a guy who spent six years as a writer for The Daily Show, so it oughta be hilarious stuff, right? Well, here's one bit ...

"Pack of cigarettes has added you as a friend on Facebook: The system will allow Facebook members to share their favorite products (Natural Ice, condoms, etc.) with their friends, and even allow companies to create Facebook profiles for the products themselves, that users can then 'befriend.' And who wouldn't love to share a few laughs with a bag of Doritos?" Wacky graphic here.

And that's one of the funnier entries. Maybe because I swear I've read it before, but it was about MySpace. Maybe 23/6 will get better. Maybe you should stick with The Onion or The Daily Show. Maybe I should get back to work ... (Bill Frost)

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