Friday, November 2, 2007

Gimme a Break!

[Nightlife] I received a lot of grief this week for failing to attend a couple of apparently mind-blowing concerts. All this hassling has got me thinking: How many shows should a music critic attend in order to maintain "street cred."

When I first turned my love of music into a part-time then full-time career, I went to as many shows as I could track down. In San Diego, I lived at Canes. In Los Angeles, the Whisky and The Roxy. In SLC, I endured freezing temperatures at Kilby Court and stayed up all night to see the very last encore of whatever band turned me on. Then I got a little older. I discovered cable and Ace of Cakes. I moved in with my boyfriend and started saying things like "After IKEA, let's hit up Smith's" and "Let's just stay in."

Which leads us to the present. I still love live music. For many local bands, it's the best, if not only, way to experience them (like Subrosa tonight at Burt's). On any given weekend, you can find me at Urban, Burt's, Bar Deluxe, Monk's, etc., checking out great SLC acts. As for touring groups, I'm just a bit more selective about who I'll shell out dough for (yes, I usually have to pay for shows too). If only cake-master Geof Manthorn would come to town. The best of both worlds!

How many concerts do you see in a typical month?

(Jamie Gadette)

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