Monday, November 26, 2007

Free Brubeck Bros. Tickets

[Music] The first 10 people to comment on this blog with their name (first and last for verification upon pickup) will score themselves a pair of tickets to Saturday night's Brubeck Bros. concert at the SLCC Grand Theatre. The write-up appearing in the upcoming Nov. 29 City Weekly:

THE BRUBECK BROTHERS Last week, we profiled the King Khan & BBQ Show. This week, we turn our attention to a completely different type of BBQ—the Brubeck Brothers Quartet. For those outside the contemporary jazz loop, multi-instrumentalist Chris Brubeck and his drummer/percussionist brother Dan honed their chops with great expectations. Father Dave Brubeck is a jazz giant (“Take Five” anyone?) whose work reverberates among even clueless cocktail party-goers who can't make heads or tails of Davis vs. Coltrane. Well, BBQ fills pop's shoes just fine, cranking out their own inspired jams with seemingly effortless zeal. Did we mention they throw in elements of funk, rock, classic blues and reggae? Now that's finger-licking good. Saturday, Dec. 1 @ SLCC Grand Theatre, 1575 S. State, 7:30 p.m. All-ages. Tickets: 957-3322

Ten free pairs of tickets are waiting; just leave your full name and viable e-mail address in a comment below. The first 10 be contacted to pick up the tickets at the City Weekly offices (248 S. Main) before Saturday. (Bill Frost)


  1. Love Brubeck!

    Tonya Welles

  2. Kelly Vaughn

    would be great to see.

  3. Quinn Cady McDonough
    Love it!

  4. Free tickets? Okay!

    Stewart Thorpe

    [dot] = .
    [at]= @

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  6. great music, thanks! cooper hayward

  7. Jennifer Gustavson

  8. Joseph Richards

  9. this is going to be an excellent show

    carle ridley

  10. Sweet!!

    Al Chappell

  11. if you have fallout:

    Brad Jensen


  12. Pamela Stevens


  13. thanks for the free emails! i can spam more people now and phish for financial info. if they post here, of course they'll answer my links too.

  14. Dan Brubeck is the best drummer I have my life. I have played drums for 51 years, even took lessons from Joe Morello. I used to believe Buddy was the best, until I heard Dan play on NPR last night. Roger Liston co-author of "A Funky Primer for Rock Drummers."


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