Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ooh, Byrned!

[Elections 2007] While everyone else on the losing sides of the elections last night was playing nice and "we're still hopeful" on the locals news, clearly perturbed CEO Patrick Byrne--who sank millions into the pro-voucher campaign--spouted Beowolf lines at Fox 13 News at Nine's Sandy Riesgraf and called the vote "a statewide IQ test." Yes, he thinks you failed it, Utah--you've been served by a douchebag in a mock turtleneck. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. (Bill Frost)


  1. What a class-A snob prick this Byrne is. Why doesn't he just move to the Hamptons? They'd be happy to have him.

  2. The guy gave the same whine to Channel 2 and quoted Beowolf there, too, before moaning about how losing vouchers will hurt minorities. Was he showing off his private school education, or what? Because who ever quotes Beowolf, and how come his 2 million buck ad campaign never mentioned minorities, only "liberal" unions and "special interests?" A special interest like him, maybe?

  3. He's the type of guy who would begin a speech about education by reading the dictionary definition of "education"--so cliche. I'll bet dinner conversations with him are fun. I wonder if he peppers his stories with quotes from Alice in Wonderland too? --Brandon Burt


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