Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beast Bleeding. Again

[Polygamy ad Nauseum] Caught KSL's less than ground-breaking expose on the profligacy with which food stamps are treated on the Utah-Arizona border by our polygamous neighbors.

This story, much like KSL's repeated harping on about Warren Jeffs' suicide attempt in jail and self-confessed acts of "immorality" 30 years ago--long after every other news organization has already rung it dry--leaves a decidedly sour taste in the mouth. It's almost as if KSL is waving in the face of its LDS audience why they should be grateful they're not tied up with extremists like the FLDS.

Dragging out the hoary old
chestnut of the food stamps story just adds to this sense of sermonizing, of saying "aren't you lucky you're with the one and true church and not these dubious characters down south?"

While "bleeding the beast," as the practice of ripping the state off for all you can get is well known, it doesn't seem to stop KSL from attempting to stir up a little controversy. That these women at the end of the day have children to feed, and that despite countless stories going back a decade or more on this subject the authorities have chosen to do nothing, doesn't seem to get in the way of what Channel 5 still see after all these years as a good story. (Stephen Dark)

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  1. What the state owes these women more than food stamps or health care or anything else, is BIRTH CONTROL. They really have no business producing dozens of kids they can't possibly feed from incestuous relationships with greedy, pompous, pious leeches, that will inevitably cost the taxpayer even more because of the various birth defects resulting from such breeding practices. Women in other states with kids to feed and little or no money are simply forced into low wage, dead-end jobs - or else . Why should THESE women be treated so differently than others in their position?


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