Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Call 'Em "Liars"

[Rocky's World] The final days of Rocky Anderson are upon us...and more notably, upon him. What with mayor-elect Ralph Becker already measuring for drapes in his future office, Salt Lake's outgoing mayor is more desperate than ever for attention.

In today's
Salt Lake Tribune, Anderson goes all junk-yard dog on the American Legion in a commentary. There seems to be some question of Anderson's honor at stake (isn't that just always the case?). Also, something about whether Anderson returned a plaque to the AL after a recent dust-up over his part in a re-dedication of the veterans section at the City Cemetery.

I was reading along just fine until Anderson labeled the American Legion and his other critics in the veterans community "prevaricators." Wow. That was some million-dollar lawyer word, all right. In my world as a newspaper editor, we always tell reporters to "write it so Ruby down at the diner can understand it!" So I checked "prevaricators" in my on-line dictionary.

Prevaricate: "To deviate from the truth; to deliberately misstate; lie."

Of course, he could have just called his critics "liars." But five-syllable words sound so very official. (Holly Mullen)

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  1. Rocky was by far our best Mayor ever! Rocky will be missed very much. It's the fools out side of SLC that don't like him. He's SLC Mayor not Provo's or Daivs County's Mayor. I don't concern myself with your Mayor, don't concern yourself with mine.

    It's sucks he didn't run for a third term, he would have won. I pray that Becker is half as good as Rocky.


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