Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bunny Love for Utah

[Media] There on Playboy's "A-List of America's Best Ski Resorts," next to an ad for Patron tequila, above an ad for a DVD of nude celebrities, is some major bunny love for Alta, Snowbird and Park City ski resorts.

Best is the introduction:

"These spots have the perfect snowstorm of black diamonds, microbrews and snow bunnies.

"What makes a great ski resort?" the intro continues. "For some skiers and riders, it's all about seemingly bottomless stashes of chest-high powder. Other guys prefer to go bottoms-up with chesty snow bunnies at a legendary après bar."

Despite the Hefneresque naughtytalk, a woman (Sarah Tuff) penned the article.

There's even an effort to dispell Utah's impossible-to-get-a-drink reputation.
"Jeering Utah's liquor laws is passé. You'll find drinks aplenty at Snowbird's Tram Club; a temporary membership costs just $4."

Sometimes, we succeed in spite of ourselves. And thanks to Ski Utah's Jessica Kunzer for passing along her knowledge of Playboy magazine features. (Jerre Wroble)

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  1. I have also the best ski resorts list. I think it may differ:)


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