Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Fed Ex Way

[Stopping Traffic] The place: Broadway (300 South) between Main Street and West Temple in downtown SLC.

The time: Lunch hour.

The scene: Fed Ex panel truck backs out of an alley after driver's partner makes a delivery. Truck turns west onto Broadway, and tries to move back into traffic flow. Oops! There, in the one-lane road (remember, angled parking along Broadway has removed a lane of traffic) sits a big-ass moving van, painted with the logo "Lucky Moving" and idling in front of the American Towers condominiums. Fed Ex guy jumps out of the truck's passenger seat, gestures wildly at the moving van blocking his way and hollers "What the hell does that guy think he's doing?!

No kidding. Don't you just hate it when some random truck driver blocks the road to others just to do his job? You'd think he was a Federal Express driver or something. (Holly Mullen)

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