Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You're Gonna Die! Tonight at 10 ...

[Media] As we've gone over here before, November Sweeps is the time when your local TV news stations trot out an alleged danger lurking just around the corner, then present their pat solution once they've hooked you. The latest round ...

ABC 4: Using a tanning bed this winter will kill your children! Unless they're under 18 and saw this same damn report the first 37 times on every other channel.

KUTV 2: There's lead in your dinner plates! Not enough to actually matter, but we'll test 'em for you anyway!

Fox 13: There's meth residue in your motel room! Of course, that's probably the least-concerning substance strewn about in most motel rooms; tune in for the special report "Utah Jizz: The Semen Scare" tomorrow at 9.
Sweeps ain't over for a couple of more weeks. Courage. (Bill Frost)

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