Friday, November 9, 2007

Michael Who?

[Radio Daze] KSL Radio's Nightside Project will go on the air tonight as usual, at 7. The only thing missing will be its host, Michael Castner.

After a much-heralded 17 months on the air in the 7-to-midnight time slot, Castner got canned yesterday morning (as first reported on this blog by City Weekly's Bill Frost). The official reason given to a bleary-eyed Castner at an 8 a.m. meeting: Budget cutting.

But Castner and others are wondering what it all really means, which is rather like trying to read the Kremlin wall. In an e-mailed statement, KSL program director Kevin LaRue called the move a "restructuring." He added, "the program’s talented and popular host, Michael Castner, will be leaving the Nightside staff to pursue other opportunities."

Though as of Friday afternoon, none of those "opportunities" had shown up yet for Castner, who has hired a media employment lawyer to work out a severance deal with the station.
"We're in the middle of a ratings book, and we're number one in this time slot in the market. The math just doesn't add up as far as budget cuts go," Castner said in a telephone interview.

So tonight,
Nightside goes on, but with a skeleton staff. "Politics Guru" Ethan Millard and reporter Alex Kirry will take over as co-hosts, a station source says. Chase Lauritsen will produce the show. No word on whether live chats with other regular "gurus" -- of TV and movies, personal finance and relationships -- will continue.

Increasingly, the show had been built almost exclusively around Castner, and, says one source, "there's a big hole left to fill." There's also loud rumbling about whether the layoff was more about Castner's acerbic, "in your face style." The subject of a City Weekly cover story on July 19 of this year, Castner once riffed on a show about wearing a t-shirt in high school that showed a baby with his hands down his pants, obviously playing with his "man junk."

Perhaps reality finally hit: Chatty moments about masturbation on the big 1160?
Oh my heck, no! (Holly Mullen)


  1. I'd started manufacturing night errands so I'd have a reason to get in the car and listen to the Nightside--first nighttime programming I really enjoyed. It's appeal was so bound up in Michael, I don't know how it could be as good now. Best of luck to Castner.

  2. Sometimes I thought he was an idiot, sometimes I liked him and agreed with him, but the point is..I listened!!!...I tried to listen to Nightside sans Castner and it was absolutely boring. My guess is 30 days max...RIP

  3. Honestly, I'm glad to see him go. I liked him in the beginning, but after he got confident with the ratings his humor started to go down hill. He was humorous at times, but the potty humor was getting really old.

  4. The show just isn't the same without Michael. I've had to find other things to listen to. I agree Nightside won't last very long now.

  5. the show sucks now that he's gone! i listened every night because of him! now i can't listen anymore, it's just not the same! BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How do you spell nightside? L-A-M-E! :( I have to listen to normal radio now when I drive's weird and boring. They really lost a talented man. He'll find something soon...he's great!!!

  7. Nightside won't last now! It's sooooo boring without Castner! KSL - another mistake!

  8. I'm a driver and I also like to tune in to the Nightside Project when Micaheal was the host. I still listen to the show one in awhile, but tire of Ethan always bashing Hilary and calling people hypocrits! He is the most narrow minded person that I have listened to on radio. I think that Michael didn't fit in with the brothers. A threat to Doug and others?

  9. I think he is a closet homosexual,. Friends who talk to me agreed he had a big ego and was gay. I Like to know. I only want to know the truth. THANKS.

  10. He said gay people are "born that way" so maybe HE IS.

  11. Our local station just picked up the Daily Wrap from the Wall Street Journal with Michael Castner. He screams liberal and that is apparent with his guests and personal opinions yet he is interesting to listen to and although I disagree, it is a bit refreshing to hear radio from all sides.

    Regarding Ellen Degeneres getting a gig at JC Penney and One Million Moms opposing it because she is a lesbian is really idiotic. I agree with Mike on that front and I am a Christian. I personally like Ellen a lot; she's hilarious and her humor is fun - she's also very pretty. Michael made the statement against the opinion of One Million Mom's discrimination saying that she (Ellen) was born this way. That I disagree with and without any scientific evidence pointing to that conclusion - Michael should keep that opinion in the closet.


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