Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow Angel

[Winter Wonderland] Picking up on the indomitable Bill Frost's thread below, what is the best winter survival tip you have for living in Utah?

I realize that ol' global warming has made living through these milder winters a breeze, but ...

Honestly, I lived here for three-quarters of my life before finally learning to ski. I took my first lesson at age 43. I'm an old dog but I did learn a new trick and now I ski like a bunny. Kind of. But you gotta squint to see it.

Anyway, I pretty much worship snow days now. I don't even curse ice on the car windshield in the mornings anymore. Unless I'm late for work.

So, got any survival tips? I'll even listen to sarcasm, if you want. Also, I wish that was me--the hot ski racer--in the photo above. It's U.S. Ski Team member Julie Mancuso and the photo is from the Tacoma News-Tribune. (Holly Mullen)

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