Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warholing it Up

[Art] The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (right there on the University of Utah campus) has got a hold of a fine roaming exhibition entitled Andy Warhol's Dream America.

I checked this out this last weekend and it is a very nice display of the controversial artist's piecemeal commercialized vision of America.

I'd have to say I quite liked the John Wayne screen print and even more the Mao print just because it's so deliciously ironic to mass produce technicolored portraits of such an iconic communist figure.

The piece also has some unique "suites" of Jackie O and some strangely poppy, yet, creepy prints of an electric chair. Very awesome stuff for the art snob and layman alike. One thing I would ask just out of curiosity to anyone going is to ask yourself, "Is his whole work really a quirky celebration of American capitalist society? Or is it a critique?"

Shoot, I dunno--but here's a link to the UMFA site for more details. (Eric S. Peterson)

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  1. Speaking of screenprinted communist have you seen my che shirt?


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