Tuesday, November 20, 2007


[U.S. in Peril] According to some guy who wrote a book, the North American Union (the United States, Mexico and Canada merged into a single nation Euro-style) is but a few years away. Apart from the obvious upside of gaining access to Canada's natural resources of water, oil and beer, what's the big deal? It's the slippery slope to ... a New World Order!

"Everything is in place," says author Daniel Estulin, a former Canuck. "Europe is now one country, one currency and one constitution. North America is about to become one. The African Union has had its working model going for over a decade. Asia is openly discussing the near-future Asian Union, being sold to us as an economic inevitability beneficial to all its citizens."

If this still sounds good (or at least convenient) to you flaming liberals, know this: Your local neighborhood skate/snowboard shop is agin it! Seems like an odd fit, but Salty Peaks Skate & Snowboard Shop is actively advertising StopTheNorthAmericanUnion.com, a website created by another hyper-motivated author to, well, stop the North American Union.

Snowboarders and skate rats united against the evil tyranny of The Man? Wasn't that Hot Dog: The Movie? Everything turned out fine there. (Bill Frost)

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