Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where is My Favorite Restaurant?

[MIA] My favorite restaurant has vanished and I'm upset.

Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine, on 200 South just above 400 West, had my favorite dish—a sea bass in a "special" spicy red sauce. M-m-m-m, sea bass. It was perfectly located in a cavernous building with old comfortable booths. The restaurant was there a couple of weeks ago. And now, not.

I am hoping the restaurant has moved, rather than closed for good. If anyone knows what has become of Lemon Grass, please let me know. (Ted McDonough)


  1. Wake up. Maybe the sign was there two weeks ago, but the place has been closed for awhile. some favorite.

  2. Whoa! Not everyone eats out every night Lemonhead. Give Ted an effing break. He's trying to locate the restaurant so he give it his business , however often that might be.


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