Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Landings

[Castner Update] Our analysis of the quick heave-ho KSL Nightside Project's Michael Castner got from uptight management is still generating a river of response. It seems a lot of people have managed to read the Kremlin Wall and are having none of KSL station management's explanation of budget cuts.

In my interview with Castner the day after he was fired, he lamented about what he'll do between "opportunities."

"I've been doing some kind of radio show my whole adult life," he said. "You wake up one morning and you have no audience. What do I do? Go out in the back yard and talk to the ducks?"

Well, it hasn't come to that ... yet. Tonight, Castner launches his own podcast. He's promising lively interviews and will include some of the old personalities from his Nightside broadcasts who no longer have an SLC forum, either. (Holly Mullen)


  1. Raise your hands to the heavens and say HALLELUIAH!!!!

  2. A week and a half was too great is it to hear Castner again?!...AND from outside the uptight confines of a station that shall go unmentioned ;-)

  3. Cool! I actually really liked this show... I'm surprised they took castner off. All of my friends really liked him and what he brought to the show... it was my only real reason for listening to ksl.

  4. Art Bell worked from home for years and had a HUGE following. Who says Michael can't do that and have people call in for interviews like Art did.

    But if you do have call in interviews please don't rush them or cut them short.


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