Friday, November 9, 2007

Puttin' the "R" Back in Ratings

[Sex & Violence] A post today from one of our favorite local blogs, Voice of Utah, expressed concern that the film reviews from SLC's daily newspapers just weren't specific enough about the sex and violence content of movies: "If we're going to spend hard earned money on a movie, we would rather it not be one with graphic violence or sex ... How do I know whether my sensibilities will be offended by this movie? Well, OK, this one seems pretty obvious," referring to the papers' info about P2.

City Weekly didn't review P2; we just know it's going to suck.

Conversely, some of us would rather be sure our money is going toward quality sex and violence (30 Days of Night didn't quite live up to its graphic hype). VU pointed out a website that would be highly useful for both camps: Dig these details about Fred Claus: "A woman wears a low-cut and short dress that reveals cleavage and bare legs to the thigh throughout the movie. A woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage. Two men wear sumo belts (their bare backs, chests and legs are visible)." There are nearly 20 other sex/violence bullet points on the PG flick.

I'm suddenly interested in Fred Claus--thanks, Kids In Mind! (Bill Frost)

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