Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blame Canada

[Music] Anyone who knows me understands I'm obsessed with Canadian bands that don't involve Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne or Sum 41. It all started with Broken Social Scene, a massive collective of insanely creative and talented musicians whose involvment in the group is simply not enough. Every single one of BSS's spin-offs, solo projects, side projects, what have you, are just as good (and at times more awesome) than the mothership. One shining offshoot, Apostle of Hustle, returning to town tonight just months after appearing at the Gallivan Center's summer Twilight Concert Series. Not many people paid attention to the Cuba meets Toronto project. They were too busy getting drunk and/or anxious to see whether Peter, Bjorn & John fake the killer whistling on "Young Folks." Your chance for redemption lies at the Urban Lounge, 241 E. 500 South. Get there a little after 10 p.m. Do Make Say Think is headlining.

Here's some Apostle of Hustle to whet your appetite:


(Jamie Gadette)

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