Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who 4 Queen?

[Call to Repentance] Some press releases find their way to me as if by a miracle. This one, for instance, from JESUS 4 KING OF SALT LAKE CITY.

"The Jesus 4 King project is conducting workshops in Utah in November and December to help people become spiritual leaders of their families and communities," writes Idaho Kingmaker and founder Chris Stevens. "These things are not being done in a corner. Community and religious leaders are being contacted and asked to repent and obey God. Community leaders are warned of the public consequences for failing to be godly stewards, while religious leaders are called to account for consuming people’s focus, efforts, and resources with the traditions of men."

No word on whether this warning applies to standard-issue bloggers. (Holly Mullen)

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  1. Dear Father of us all; Please forgive me for becoming increasingly more worldly with my worldly husband? Please show me how to be more kind and good natured to argueing fools and gross people who "play church" all around me?
    Let me truely be like YOU more? Thanks YOU so much. LOVE YOU: AMEN


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