Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Voting Under the Influence

[Booze News] Recently State Sen. Scott McCoy D-Salt Lake has mentioned pushing to loosen liquor laws that prohibit getting a drink at a bar or restaurant on election day. Mccoy said these arcane laws were "bizarre and inconsistent."

And sure, I agree, but at the same time I can appreciate the logic that once went behind discouraging drinking and voting. Voting is afterall a very important duty, one not to be taken lightheartedly. Heaven forbid anyone throw back too many boilermakers and then head on over to the polling place- the results could be disastrous, think of all the write-in candidates suddenly sweeping into office (Phil Mcrevases, Hugh Jasals, etc...)

And yet as with other activities we as a society see fit to temper our inebriation when performing (driving, operating heavy equipment), voting and drinking shouldn't be completely banned so much as it should just have limits.

So I propose that McCoy consider as a backup bill to his upcoming legislative liquor package (which already has the values vote kiss of death on it) one that would set blood alcohol limits for voting. This way when voters lineup to their polling place and they notice the fella ahead of them with bloodshot eyes staggering to and fro, they can notify a friendly poll worker who would then submit the individual to a breathalyzer test before handing them their ballot.

And then how about this, just to encourage voting, why not after somebody has voted, instead of offering an "I Voted" sticker, how about a shot? They've already performed their civic duty why not reawrd them with something better than a sticker. It could still have the effect of notifying others that they voted when, for example, Joe Voter returns from his lunch break with the smell of cheap bourbon on his breath, everyone at the office will know that he is indeed a responsible citizen. (Eric S. Peterson)

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  1. I vote no on solution #1 (pointing out a fellow drunk voter to submit to a breathalyzer by...whom?) but DEFINITELY yes on solution #2 - with commemorative "I f*ckin' VOTED" shot glass.


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