Friday, November 2, 2007

The Likely Lads

[International Affairs] So who knew Utah Jazz' back-up play-by-play announcer Steve Brown was a Brit? If you fancy a cuppa (Brit slang for a cup of tea), run into the renamed Union Jack (formerly British Pantry) and say hello to the TV sports celeb turned Anglo businessman.

He and a partner, fellow Lancashire lad Wayne Scholes took it over just three weeks after the previous owner, Brown says, was evicted for not paying his rent. Brown reports sales of cricket bats (to an executive VP at NBC no less) and rugby balls are going well, and adds the English food and sweet goodies will be in plentiful supply when their Christmas orders arrive.

The Union Jack can be found at 652 S. West Temple. You can't miss it for the double decker bus that's painted on the side and the rather tatty-looking flags jutting out of the sidewalk verge.

But regardless of the outside decor, it's nice to see that there's someone in SLC who understands the value of a cuppa, as opposed to those dreadful calorie-stuffed flavored coffees you Americans love to drink. (Stephen Dark)

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