Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh God...

[Random] According to the website, there is still hope for your family and friends who have refused our Lord and Savior. For a $40 annual subscription (which will decrease over time with the more people you wish to contact), you can store digital documents, like emails and letters, that will be sent to loved ones who have yet to heed the good news of the Gospel. These touching messages will be automatically emailed to the lost soul of your choice once your spirit has been commissioned back to Jebus in the Rapture.

Just one problem...

Don't these people realize that the Mormons are right and that there is no such thing as the Rapture? tsk tsk tsk...
(David Alder)


  1. Obviously, you'd better keep that link . . .

  2. As I always say, given the types of people who are Yearing For The Rapture, I'll be more than happy to be Left Behind. This world will be a lot nicer without all those Class-A a**holes around!

  3. Yeah, rdale.
    It's a choice. Recognize God's love and claims on his creations, or choose eternal separation and the regrets of putting yourself on the universe's throne.


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