Friday, July 18, 2008

Buh-Bye, Blair?

[Radio] As reported today, KPCW/KCPW talker Blair Feulner has walked away from his morning microphone and may or may not return. In case you don't remember, he's the guy who came under fire years ago for raking in a $150,000 per year salary at a public radio station. But, more importantly, that news brought us (for better or worse) the introduction of City Weekly staple/irritant The Ocho. The prototype big 8 from 2005:

Eight reasons Blair Feulner makes mad bling:

1. Feulner’s smooth, sexy radio voice makes rich women drop their pledge checks [edited: and panties] instantly.

2. Can translate the BBC’s British-language radio broadcasts to American.

3. Knows that All Things Considered doesn’t actually consider all things, and he’ll talk if the money’s cut off.

4. Can beat any of those hippies at KUER in arm wrestling.

5. Writes all of This American Life host Ira Glass’ jokes, which Feulner first road tests on the stand-up comedy circuit.

6. An extensive collection of tweed jackets with leather elbow patches that isn’t cheap to maintain.

7. Doesn’t write a blog. That alone is worth $150,000.

8. At the flip of a secret switch, can make KCPW “All Skynyrd, All the Time”—don’t push him!

(Bill Frost)

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  1. What a terrific loss for public radio in Utah... and an awful gain for the sunny beaches of Mexico.

    I hope the door doesn't hit his ass on the way out.


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