Friday, July 25, 2008

Republican Legislator Carl Wimmer Joins the Wu-Tang Clan

[Politics..kinda] Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman one of the legislature's "Fab Five" go-to- guys for conservative politics in Utah has made a bold statement with a new campaign logo on his election website.

I could be wrong, but if you just color in some of the lines there that 'W' looks awfully close to the trademark insignia of the Wu-Tang clan. My investigative journalist instincts lead me to believe that either Wimmer has joined the clan as their first and only white, burly, republican, Mormon emcee and the RZA has yet to make the announcement to the world or Wimmer is just on the borderline of copyright infringement with a symbol he probably subliminally observed from a CD in his son's bedroom.

If that's the case Wimmer I recommend you best protect ya neck. The Wu Tang don't play like that, especially when they find out about your new soon to be released campaign slogan:

Wimmer in district 52 ain't nothing to fuck with

(Eric S. Peterson)


  1. If I could figure out how to find their email Id send this.

    I'm hoping someone more savvy than I will.

  2. Even a stauch conservative like me can find humor in this. Only two problems with your theory guys. First off, I have no idea who the Wu Tang Clan is, and secondly my oldest son is only four. He listens to sesame street. No, I got the logo idea, when Paul Rolly called me a super-hero. I thought the cool W fit the image nicely.

    Rep. Carl Wimmer


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