Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Neuter the Blue Dogs

[Pseudo-Democrats] Next time you hear Utah's 2nd District Congressman Jim Matheson bragging about his place in the pack of Blue Dog Democrats back in D.C., read this and be reminded why it's a bad thing. (Holly Mullen)


  1. This seems moot before a general election. Maybe it would be more useful before a primary. Who could we recruit to run against Matheson in 2010? Rocky?

  2. This sounds like a good idea...if you want to relegate the Democratic Party to a permanent minority represented exclusively by the east and west coasts! Oh and Michael, the last time the super-liberals in Salt Lake got cocky they picked Rocky to run for Congress - that's why you guys had a blue district represented by a Republican during most of that decade known as the 90s.
    If you want to survive as a national party you'll have to quit eating your own.
    Now, if you just can't contain yourself and you're really that sick of Matheson, replace him with somebody who will vote like a Democrat 55% of the time instead of 45% of the time, but don't try to replace him with a Rocky! The second district is one of the most conservative districts in the nation represented by a Democrat, count your blessings that you don't have a Cannon/Cook/Bishop/Chaffetz.

  3. Holly-

    You are exactly right. I'm begging Demos to cut off their nose to spite their faces: If the Republicans can't dump Matheson, maybe the Democrats can in convention...and then watch a Republican kick the living shit out of a Rocky-clone.

    Matheson fits the district in many ways, and though that irks liberal dems and hardcore conservatives like me, Matheson is probably doing about what the average Joe would in Washington: Not much.

  4. As a fairly liberal Democrat I am happy to vote for Jim Matheson. As has been pointed out, he can win this district. So, a vote for Jim M. means a vote for Democratic leadership in the House. Bills that I want make their way to the floor even if Jim does not vote for them. With Republican leadership, we would be drilling oil off the coast rather than looking for cleaner energy sources.

    Jim has got my vote.


  5. No need to neuter the "blue dogs". They fixed themselves first in order to get elected. I think Glenn Greenwald, for all his passion, got a little carried away. Democrats won't ever enforce the kind of ideological purity that authoritarian conservatives will.

  6. Michael wrote: "Who could we recruit to run against Matheson in 2010? Rocky?" No, Jenny Wilson. Name recognition, good politics, seasoned campaigner. I'd sure vote for her over Bush-Dog Matheson!


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