Sunday, July 20, 2008

The New Math... for Environmentalists!

[Environ-mental Patients]

Is it me, or does the idea of moving the polar bears to the Antarctic as a last-ditch effort to save them seem like nothing less than desperate arrogance? ("Some species have to be written off..." WTF???) A few articles recently seem to think it's not only a good idea, but it's the only option left to save the cuddly things.

Now, I'm no Greenpeace-belongin', tree-huggin' hippie (just the boring, run-of-the-mill doobie-smokin' hippie), but I too would love to make sure we do anything we can to ensure their survival. But this? Really? I don't like it one biota!

Yet, there is a certain magical charm about the penguins and polar bears meeting for the first time. Maybe the politicos and talking heads had planned this all along: that the whole purpose of letting the Arctic melt from all this CO2 is so ig'nunt Americans everywhere can finally be right about these animals sharing a frozen habitat.

(David Alder)


  1. Panda bears or polar bears? I don't think pandas would like the snow very much...

  2. Hahaha! Good catch. I was writing this as a friend and I were talking about a slew of other endangered species... pandas came up too.



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